Edwards Middle School Student Fees Form

Check the item(s) you wish to pay for at this time. Be sure to include the student's name and homeroom teacher. You will need to fill out a form for each student in your household. When you have finished, click the "Finish and Pay" button to open your totals screen and continue with online payment. Note that while no tax is charged, there is a 5% fee for online processing.

Student Name:
First name Last name

Homeroom Teacher:

PTO DUES (If you already paid the "Whole Family" dues for another student, leave "None" checked):
Single Student ($5.00)
Whole Family ($8.00)

PBIS Fee ($10.00)

Agenda ($4.00)

Damaged/Lost ID Tag for Dell Computer Case ($3.00)

Damaged/Lost Dell Computer Case ($10.00)

Damaged/Lost Dell Charger ($15.00)

Damaged/Lost Dell Latitude Computer ($400.00)

Replacement for Lost Student ID Card ($3.00) (Note:  Students are issued one free card at Edwards Middle School.  Pictures are taken and ID cards are made for 6th graders and all new students to the school during the first two weeks of school.  After that, students must pay for a new ID card.)

Patriot P.R.I.D.E. Red Letter Facemask (picked up) ($4.00)

Patriot P.R.I.D.E. Blue Letter Facemask (picked up) ($4.00)

Patriot P.R.I.D.E. Red Letter Facemask (mailed) ($5.00)

Patriot P.R.I.D.E. Blue Letter Facemask (mailed) ($5.00)

PE Uniform (Note: PE uniforms will not be issued until your child actually takes PE.)
EMS PE Shirt ($10.00)
EMS PE Shorts ($10.00)

Band Fee ($50.00)

Dance Team Fee ($115.00)

Dance Team Fee ($120.00)

Football Fees ($125.00)

Softball Fees ($75.00)

Softball Fees ($150.00)

Total Payment > 


Note: Total includes 5% online processing fee required by the payment processing system. No tax is charged.


Note: When you click "Finish and Pay", a window will pop up with your total payment. If you have more students to submit, close the window and come back to this form to enter their information. Once all students have been entered, click the "Secure Payment" button on the popup window and continue. If you accidentally closed the checkout window, you can open it again by clicking the button below: